The Heinz Endowments’ Veteran and Military Family Initiative

Portfolio Evaluation


In 2018, we partnered with The Heinz Endowments (located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) to examine the impact of their investment in veteran programs and services. The project’s main goals are listed below.

  • Conduct an evaluability assessment of The Heinz Endowments’ veteran portfolio to determine whether a rigorous impact evaluation and cost-benefit analysis is feasible.
  • Design a multi-level evaluation framework to assess The Heinz Endowments’ Veteran and Military Family Initiative (THE-VMFI).
  • Implement evaluation strategies to assess the impact of THE-VMFI in each of the following strategic areas:
  • Create coordinated, easy-to-navigate pipelines that strengthen the area’s robust network of service providers to proactively support veterans and military-connected families;
  • Equip post-9/11 veterans with the skills and networks necessary for full employment;
  • Equip post-9/11 veterans and service members to become regional leaders;
  • Advance the narrative of veterans as assets and contributors to the region; and
  • Promote evidence-informed practices to impact policy on the local, state, and national levels.

To learn more about The Heinz Endowments, visit their website.